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hydraulic jack(Oil jack)

hydraulic jack(Oil jack)

    • hydraulic jack(Oil jack)
    • hydraulic jack(Oil jack)
    • hydraulic jack(Oil jack)
    • hydraulic jack(Oil jack)
    • hydraulic jack(Oil jack)
    • hydraulic jack(Oil jack)
  • hydraulic jack(Oil jack)

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHIAN
    Brand Name: XIYI
    Model Number: 8-100T

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10PCS
    Price: USD120 PER PCS
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    Detailed Product Description

    Range of application


    This jack works on hydraulic principle.Because of its compact structure, small size, light weight, carrying, and has been widely used in mobile lifting operations, if used in cars, tractors and other vehicles as a tool is particularly suitable.


    Erect the jack is only suitable for use, can not be offset or to use, operating temperature is to 40 ° c ~ 45 ° c, forbidden to acid and alkali and corrosive gas.


    Someone asks what is the safety valve for?


    Safety valve is used to lock the hydraulic pressure, prevent the use of overload, in order to work in the safety of!!!Just like the seat belt in the car, you can drive without it, but the seat belt plays an indispensable role in the accident!


    Specific operations:



    1. Turn the jack oil valve clockwise with the handle (to the tightness).

    2. Place the jack under the correct jacking position of the vehicle. If necessary, rotate the adjusting screw on the jack counterclockwise until it touches the vehicle.

    Insert the jack handle into the handle sleeve and operate the handle up and down until the vehicle reaches the desired height.


    (caution: slowly descend the vehicle and slowly rotate the oil return valve)

    1. Remove the handle and loosen the oil return valve with the handle (please slowly turn the handle counterclockwise and loosen the oil return valve). Note: do not loosen the oil return valve for more than 2 turns.

    2. After the vehicle is completely lowered, move the jack (rotate the screw clockwise until it is completely detached from the vehicle).



    1. It must estimate the weight of lifting heavy objects before use, and avoid overload;

    2. Determine the center of gravity for lifting heavy objects, select the lifting point of the jack, and place it smoothly. At the same time, consider the soft and hard degree of the ground, and put tough boards on it when necessary to prevent slanting or even dumping when lifting;

    3. Jacks after lifting heavy objects, the jacks shall be firmly supported by the tough wood of the support frame in time, and the jacks shall not be used as supports;

    4. If several jacks are used at the same time, the lifting speed should be synchronized, and the load of each jack should be balanced, otherwise there will be a risk of tilt.

    hydraulic jack(Oil jack)

    hydraulic jack(Oil jack)

    hydraulic jack(Oil jack)



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