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Hand pressure pump (Model:Y039) Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa, 0 - 2Mpa

Hand pressure pump (Model:Y039) Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa, 0 - 2Mpa

Hand pressure pump (Model:Y039) Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa,   0 - 2Mpa

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: XIYI
Certification: ISO90001
Model Number: Y039

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Price: USD150
Delivery Time: 5DAYS
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 3000SET
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Detailed Product Description

 hand pump pressure calibrator


Description of hand pump pressure calibrator

Hand-Held Pressure Calibrator vacuum Pumps is a portable pressure pump.For field installation of instrument calibration in the industrial process and control of indoor use all kinds of pressure gauges.Can also provide pressure source correction table for pressure measuring instrument manufacturer.All kinds of pressure transmitter within every 2 Mpa,Pressure sensor and all kinds of pressure gauges Check all available hand pressure pump.


Features of hand pump pressure calibrator :

1.Portable, light weight,,Suppression of light.

2:Easy to use Structural design pressure fine-tuning hand,Rotate the fine-tuning hand can easily change the output pressure.

3:Also comes with a high-pressure hose connection is timing ,Meter connector connect pressure gauge .

4.Hand pressure pump is the handle, the piston rod. Through gas, pump cover, put the oil hand, fine-tuning hand, form joint, etc .rotation.



hand pump pressure calibrator of Specification:


Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa,   0 - 2Mpa


Work environment Temperature: -20~50°C


Relative humidity≤100%




Table joint thread: M14 x 1.5 internal thread (exports by 1/4 NPT),


High pressure hose joint thread: M20 x 1.5 internal thread (exports by 1/2 NPT)


Accessories :


1: Y039,0000:22 Joint( Style II)


2: Hexagonal screw wrench S=1.5


3: Y004M0000:11 plug


Product categories:
Pressure pump into the desktop and handheld, at present, the characteristic such as desktop pressure pump because of its portable products represent the future direction.
Portable pressure pump is a portable hand pressure source.Is used to check - 95 kpa to 160 kpa within the scope of the pressure gauge, pressure (differential pressure) transmitters and pressure sensors provide pressure source.
The pressure medium is air pressure pump, smooth lift pressure, is made of super fine tuning parts, ensure the regulation of small enough fineness grade (minimum 0.01 Pa).The outer insulation heat preservation material, greatly reduces the influence of temperature on micro pressure equipment calibration.Pressure pump USES a fast connection and the connection line imported from Germany.Pressure pump adopts full open architecture design, it has simple structure, high reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, not easy to leak.Pressure regulating device adopts precision large vessel piston, unique structure design, special sealing material, without lubrication, reduce friction, pressure adjusting range is big, smooth lift pressure.
Build pressure system as the indispensable auxiliary equipment, measurement has been legal professional measuring departments and industrial and mining enterprises and the thermal measurement and JiKong engineering personnel attention.The company on the basis of extensive investigation and comparison, the development, the introduction of 60-95 kpa to mpa pressure within the scope of the pressure device, the set of device the air tightness, durability, ease as a key breakthrough, the hope can give you choose to add a space.Bring convenience for your testing work.Portable pressure pump


Pressure pump to note:

Pressure pump before use tight gas, filling the appropriate oil (1/2) transformer oil, and gas in tightening, repeatedly clench, relax handle, out of the gas can be used within the cylinder.
Calibration process of various types of joint sealing, to maintain the attention when removing the instrument after rotating oil drain before you hand the open valve, otherwise easy to damage the instrument.


Related accessories

Conversion connector, that is, the 38 pieces, we usually say that is made of high quality stainless steel, based on M20 x 1.5 different specifications swaps, can solve a variety of instrument testing at home and abroad to use;Distance calibration gas connecting pipe used for gas pressure gauge, connection validator, distribution sealers five, pressure range is - 100 kpa ~ 0 ~ 800 kpa.High pressure gas connecting pipe, high pressure gas pressure checking instrument connected to the validator use over a long distance.10 distribution the seals.Pressure range is - 100 kpa ~ 0 ~ 4 mpa;High-pressure hose, high pressure liquid pressure when long distance calibration instrument, instrument and check the connection to use.10 distribution the seals.Pressure range is 0 ~ 60 mpa;Gas-liquid separation filter: use air pressure source checking instrument, filter material exclusion oil use.10 distribution the seals.Pressure range is - 100 kpa ~ 0 ~ 25 mpa;Liquid filter: the main impurities, leaching, pressure gauge tube cavity pressure source to prevent pollution.Five distribution the seals.Pressure range is 0 ~ 60 mpa.


Product structure and performance

This product is composed of pressure pump and extension tube.Pressure pump by syringe barrel, rotating handle, control piston is the locking lever, pressure gauge.



Hand pressure pump (Model:Y039) Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa,   0 - 2Mpa

Hand pressure pump (Model:Y039) Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa,   0 - 2Mpa

Hand pressure pump (Model:Y039) Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa,   0 - 2Mpa

Hand pressure pump (Model:Y039) Output pressure: 0 - 1.6Mpa,   0 - 2Mpa


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